Clementine Ford’s Fight Like a Girl: call to arms from local warrior

Australian feminist Clementine Ford is never one to shy away from combat or controversy, and her first book, Fight Like a Girl, is a fierce and personal call to arms in the campaign for women’s rights.

The book has an evocative title and manifesto-like catchcry burned into its black cover, urging readers to unite in the battle, to “Raise voices. Raise courage. Raise the flag”.

After the presidential election of Donald Trump, 2.6 million people did just that at women’s marches around the world. The comradeship demonstrated through the global protest is one embodied in Ford’s intentionally “galvanising” book. Her author’s note is signed “in solidarity”, a concept that Ford’s supporters vocally champion and her detractors obsessively decry.

Read the rest at The Australian


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