Leung Way to the Top: Sucker

Sucker is a new Australian coming of age movie with a fun, sleight of hand twist.

Lawrence (John Luc) is busted cheating during his final exams and his parents are furious. Instead of sending him to medical school, Lawrence’s parents send him to stay with his oddball uncle for the summer. It’s here he meets ‘The Professor’ (Timothy Spall) who offers Lawrence a very different kind of education, teaching him the ways of the swindle while road tripping around the country alongside the Professor’s sharp daughter Sarah (Lily Sulivan).

“We’re the little film that’s up against Star Wars,” co-writer Lawrence Leung jokes when asked about the impending release of his debut feature film. “We’re going to have to smash them at the box office, so good luck to them really.”

The local comedian best known for the recent TV series Maximum Choppage and the 2009 ABC hit Choose Your Own Adventure. He’s carved a singular position for himself in local pop culture; renowned for his obsessions with peculiar hobbies like trying to achieve the dreams he had as a ten-year-old and embracing the nerdier things in life, like his is ability to solve a Rubik’s Cube in 45-seconds.

On the line from Sydney, Leung is as as self-deprecating and jovial about the filmmaking experience as his public persona suggests. For a guy who’s co-written a film about deceit and truth, card cheats and con artists, Leung doesn’t keep his cards close to his chest. But when it comes to how much of the film is based on his real life — given the protagonist is a bright Asian-Australian kid called Lawrence — is something he won’t divulge.
“This whole interview has been a lie,” he laughs.


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