420 Words On Why You Should Watch ‘High Maintenance’

The word “maintenance” is my spelling nemesis. Well, one of them. For some totally reason dumb I always get it wrong. I was hoping by the time I’d watched the first season of best-ever web series High Maintenance (or fifth for loyalists/purists/people who confuse me) I’d have it down. Turns out, by the end of season one I just wanted to light up, stick one hand in a bag of Doritos, the other down my pants, and tune into the next batch of episodes. But they weren’t available yet. Co-creators/writers/directors and married-lovers Ben Sinclair and Katja Blichfeld needed time and money to make more, so I had to sit back, relax and wait.

If you haven’t seen the first season yet, you must. Seriously. There’s good reason it’s been touted the one of the best web series around (and not just by me in the above paragraph).

Each episode is a finely crafted character study of various New Yorkers who purchase weed from the central unnamed pot dealer (played by creator Sinclair). Episodes are equal parts hilarious and melancholy, acting as observational satire, social commentary and pure entertainment in easily consumable five-to-eighteen minute bites that work with everyone’s poor attention span. With guest stars including Matthew from Downton Abbey (Dan Stevens) as a cross-dressing househusband and everyone’s favourite of the year Hannibal Buress playing a fictionalised version of himself, why wouldn’t you want in?

You can head here to check out the first season for free.
Read more at Junkee.


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