Happy Hangovers and False Starts: Happy Endings and Marry Me

Binging rarely ends well. Binge eating is how unwanted food babies happen. Binge drinking is how inhibitions and memories are erased. Binge-watching a TV show can take over your life. Which is exactly what happened a few years ago when I fell in love with Happy Endings. Not unlike my shameful adventures in binge drinking, I had quite the hangover after making my way through all available episodes of the US sitcom (it ran for three seasons from 2011 – 2013). More than a year later, I still can’t shake the show’s aftermath. With the release of Happy Endings creator David Caspe’s latest show, Marry Me, these pangs of loss have resurfaced.

Marry Me stars Casey Wilson and Ken Marino (above) as Annie and Jake, an opposites-attract couple. After six years of dating, they finally get engaged during the pilot episode… but not before a few quintessential, OTT sitcom-style hiccups. Surrounded by an eclectic group of friends who both hinder and support their relationship, the first four episodes of the debut season see Annie and Jake working to overcome a series of amusing scenarios that stand in the way of their future bliss. Marry Me wants us to know that together, these crazy kids are gonna get through whatever life throws at them.

I concede that I’m a staunch defender of How I Met Your Mother, and do love a good romcom (of which there have been a bevvy of newbies on the box lately – the glorious You’re the Worst, for example). However, I’m not convinced that Marry Me can sustain a whole series on its marriage-relationship premise. It’s not that I lack faith in Caspe or the show’s lead cast, but I am sceptical about the long-term potential of a couple comedy in which the girl is desperate to get engaged, but her dude is taking his sweet bro time. It feels regressive, rather than nodding knowingly towards an existing comedic tradition (prove me wrong, Marry Me!).

Read more at Kill Your Darlings.


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